John at the coast in La Jolla, California. Photo © Garry McCarthy

About John

John H. Moore is a nature, night, and underwater photographer residing in San Diego, California, with his wife and three daughters.

John has been photographing for about 20 years, but has gotten a lot more serious about photography in the great outdoors since moving back to California in 2009 after a several-year interlude in the Midwest. Most of his photography takes place in the many incredible wild places within a day's drive of San Diego, but it is his goal to start to travel more for photography.

John has been an avid SCUBA diver since 1995, and while photography now vies with SCUBA diving for his time, he has also begun to combine the two—taking underwater photos with a housed DSLR with dual strobes. Underwater photography in the dark, silty waters off Southern California is even more challenging and equipment-intensive than nature photography in remote places!

View a slideshow of some of John's favorite work.