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Launching Fireworks

When we lived in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, twice each year there would be a fireworks show launched from the field across the street from us.  People from the small towns all around would flock to Grundahl Park, down the street, for the fireworks and pack our neighborhood with parked cars… but all we had to do was walk out our front door, throw a blanket on the lawn, lie down and look up.  In fact, if the wind was just right (or wrong!) the glowing embers would glide down amongst us.  One year was so bad (and yet exciting!) that we put the kids inside and had to constantly watch for and dodge embers!

It occurred to me, after several years of this, and as I got more into photography, that instead of photographing the fireworks, I could photograph the people launching the fireworks.  So I went over and talked with the crew in the afternoon while they were setting up and got permission to come back that evening and get reasonably close… and photograph them.  It was a great experience that I hope to repeat someday!