John at the coast in La Jolla, California. Photo © Garry McCarthy

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Photography seems to be about one part standing in one spot for hours in the freezing cold / searing heat, waiting for That One Perfect Moment and trying not to get frostbite / heat stroke while listening and watching for the bear / mountain lion / rattlesnake that is no doubt sneaking up on you... and another five or ten parts sorting and processing images once you survive your outing and get home.

Generally, I come back from these outings with thousands of image files and spend some time picking what usually amounts to the 10–20 good ones. Those get fully post-processed. Many of those are shared on Flickr and Google+, and more of them are shared on my photo blog.

Of those 10–20 good ones, anywhere from zero to a couple will make it into the "best of" gallery in the Prints section of this site. In other words, subscribe to the photo blog to see more of the photos!

Oh, and occasionally there's a good story, too:

Lucky to Be Alive